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12 – Purebred PIGEON

ing a flower bloom in slow motion, as the feathers

begin to reveal their colors and patterns. A great

Zen master once said, “Sit and watch baby pigeon

and become wise person.” Actually, I just said that,

but it could be true.

The babies grow up quickly, though the more

I stare at them and analyze their potential as show

birds, the longer it seems to take.

Like baby pigeons, I got kicked out of my

home at a young age. My dad gave me $20

and said “good luck.” As I drove away in my VW

bug, The Mamas & the Papas were on the 4-track

singing, “You gotta go where you want to go, do

what you want to do.” Sounded good to me. With

the pigeons, it’s not too much different, at least

in terms of the final outcome. Shortly after they’re

four weeks old, they either fall out of the nest box,

testing their flying skills, or get kicked out by their

father. Whereas after departing from my home I

first landed at the beach with just my surfboard and

sleeping bag, my young pigeons find themselves

Chinese Owls (blue bar pied and white)

Reversewing Pouters (red with white wings)

Saxon Priests (blue white bar)